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Summer Programs


Persuasive Communication Bootcamp

Age: Grades 3-5

Date/Time: August 21-25, 2:30-3:30 PM (PST)

Price: 75$

Weekdays Only

At Freespeak, we offer a persuasive communication course for grades 3-5 that teaches the essentials of persuasive communication. Students will learn how to form a thesis, research for arguments, and how to use body language to effectively communicate their point of view. The course culminates in each student presenting their speech they have developed to fellow students, coaches, and parents at our showcase. Our camp's personalized instruction is designed to teach the power of persuasion, whether they are a beginner or seasoned speaker.


Fundamentals of Debate

Age: Grades 6-8
Date/Time: August 14-25, 4-5 PM (PST)
Price: 150$
Weekdays Only

At Freespeak, we offer an exciting Fundamentals of Debate service for grades 6-8. Our two week long course covers building an argumentative case, responding to opposing claims, speaking technique, and other areas. The camp ends with students using the skills they have learned throughout the course to participate in a camp tournament, where they debate other students to potentially win prizes. We provide a personalized curriculum that is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. 

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