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3 Reasons Why Teaching Your Child Public Speaking Is Beneficial

Did you know that majority of people rank public speaking as their #1 fear? 75% according to the National Institutes of Mental Health. This vastly outranks the fear of death, which is at 20.3%. This outranks any other fear as well.

However, this can be largely detrimental. Fear of public speaking bars us from achieving our goals and advancing in our various fields. observes "For example, if you don't speak up in meetings, you lose influence. If you avoid giving presentations, you lose the opportunity to stand out. Or, if you let others pitch your team's idea, you give peers much of the credit that belongs to you."

Here are a few reasons why public speaking needs to be instilled from an early age.

  1. Improved Self Esteem

From an application standpoint, public speaking helps students feel more confident in the classroom and beyond. Being nervous about speaking in front of a group makes you look unconfident, diverting attention away from the idea one is trying to present. Public speaking gives the tools needed to clearly communicate ideas confidently.

2. Improved Communication Skills

Public speaking is key to being an excellent communicator. Being able to articulate ideas clearly and concisely improves your ability to have your idea reach your audience. People with increased communication skills can use this not only in presentations and meetings, but in interviews and everyday conversations as well. The better one can articulate, the more impactful and accurate their goals can be executed.

3. Increased Research Skills

A prerequisite to delivering a well-executed and informative presentation is having sufficient knowledge behind the topic. it is necessary to find reliable statistics that convey your idea and make an impactful statement. Learning how to find this information is a critical skill that can be used in:

  • Academics

  • Finding Jobs

  • Data Collection

  • Report Writing

Ultimately, instilling public speaking skills early on can ensure confidence in speaking and communication throughout adulthood. You can register for our Summer and Fall Public Speaking courses on our website!

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