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Encourage. Empower. Express.

At FreeSpeak, our mission is to provide students with the tools and resources they need to become powerful and effective communicators. We provide a unique platform for students to learn the skills of public speaking, argumentation, and debate. We strive to bridge the gap between access and equity in the communication space, empowering every student to exercise their right to free speech.  Our approach is designed to equip students with the skills they need to be successful, inspiring them to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

“I loved this program. I found it fun and helpful. Earlier, persuasive speaking made me nervous. But now, because of this bootcamp, my persuasive speaking is much better!”

- J.D, Student

Speech & Debate Changes Lives


Higher Academic Performance

Speech and Debate enables students to consistently thrive in the classroom.  Participation is associated with a 0.66 point higher GPA. 


Better Critical Thinking and Confidence

The benefits extend beyond the classroom as well. Speech in debate yields an 87% increase in analytical skills, and a 15% increase in self-esteem.


Increased College Admissions

When you join speech and debate, the opportunities truly never end. Debater enrollment to a Top 25 college is 9% higher, compared to non-debaters.

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